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Some of the dramatic elements in today’s popular landscapes are what we call Hardscapes. A path to your front door, a driveway for parking, and grade changes are just a few of the dramatic hardscape elements utilized in modern hardscape design.


  • •  Walkways and Landings
  • •  Courtyards and Plaza
  • •  Drives and Roads

Elevation Change:

  • •  Retaining Walls (Segmented, Natural Stone, and Boulder Walls)
  • •  Boulder Walls
  • •  Grindstone and Natural Stone Steps
  • •  Raised Planting Beds


  • •  Natural stone Outcropping
  • •  Flagstone Walkways
  • •  And many more…

D&B offers a wide variety of paving bricks, retaining wall systems, natural stone and boulders, to create beautiful and functional hardscapes.

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